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Gallo Management Development Program

Our accelerated, one-of-a-kind program offers a depth and breadth of learning unlike any other. As part of our Management Development Program (MDP), you'll find a unique level of challenge and a fast-paced environment with exciting career paths and outlets for your initiative. Show us your drive and determination to succeed, and it could lead to assignments in any number of interesting career areas, such as sales and marketing, brand management, training and recruiting or finance. At Gallo, the only thing bigger than our opportunity is your potential.

Be part of it all. See how our Management Development Program has helped make us a company of leaders.

Why choose Gallo?

"Being a part of the Gallo Management Development team is like being on the express lane to success. It is designed to help you succeed in your job from day one. I could not imagine working for a better company straight out of school." - James

"I was looking for a long term career, and found the opportunity for continuous growth I was looking for in Gallo. I've been here 10 years, and I'm nowhere near at the end of what I can learn and accomplish. I've worked with winemakers and marketing groups, and people in different aspects of the company, and everyone shares the same passion for growth. It motivates you!" - Catalina

"The neat thing about Gallo? They really want you to succeed. The Management Development Program is your building block. You not only gain sales and management experience, but you also find out what your passion is, so when it's time to grow in your career, it's a two-way conversation. What do you enjoy? What do you want to do next?" - Armando

Through the Gallo Management Development Program, you'll gain extensive, on-the-job training across all aspects of sales. Serving as a sales representative with our distributor partners, you'll develop and provide expertise in wine education, selling through display and restaurant merchandising, retail advertising and promotions and competitive pricing. Ultimately, you'll be the driving force in helping Gallo stay connected with our consumers.

What will I learn?

"The Gallo sales training really surprised me in how quickly I could apply my training to a real-life situation. I could use what I learned in class the night before to confidently pitch the buyer the next day and make the sale!" - James

"I think the greatest thing about the opportunity is to be able to learn management skills by using them. I started my Gallo career at 21, and by 23 I was managing large area and a lot of sales representatives. None of my college friends had seen that kind of trust from their companies!" - Catalina

"My program began with a distributor out of Portland. It was there that I got to know what our product was about, and how customers understood it. I worked with store managers, called on individual stores, and developed really solid sales and organizational skills." - Armando

As you advance through the program, you'll gain responsibility towards two key functions:

Field Marketing Management – Management of sales activities through local distributor organizations.
Trade Development – Management of sales, merchandising and marketing activities through regional, national and international trade channels, including grocery, drug stores, club stores and restaurant and hotel chains.

You can begin your Management Development Program at any number of locations throughout the United States. Specific requirements and structure vary based on location.

Where will I start?

"The training I have received at Gallo so far has developed my skills in many ways. Now, I am confident making a presentation and speaking about the industry, and I am able to maximize my time extremely efficiently. All of these skills will help me in my next role as sales manager." - James

"Gallo recognizes people with high potential, and gives them the tools they need and trust them to make the most of them. That really is the core of the Management Development Program. You can be in a high visibility position in five years—our program's intense training gives you the confidence and knowledge to get there." - Catalina

"There's really no better place for those with leadership potential. To Gallo, this program is more than a way to find the best and brightest. It's a way to invest in the future of our organization. It's helped make Gallo a company of leaders. Each of us feels ownership of our piece of the business." - Armando

Our program takes a three-phase approach to your development.

Phase I: Distributor Sales Representative
Gain front-line experience expanding Gallo distribution in an established retail or food service territory. In some cases, your initial employer may be an independent distributor of Gallo Wines.

This demanding, yet fun experience will engage you through professional, classroom and field training from day one, as you master skills in direct selling, territory management, selling through merchandising and servicing and product knowledge.

How will I advance?

"What I love the most about the job is being challenged every day. There is never a dull moment in this industry and I love being able to work hard and get results. I am able to do just that with Gallo." - James

"You'll learn as you go. I was a sales representative for year and a half and getting comfortable with my skills when I was offered an opportunity to trade channels, and go from retail to on-premise sales. It was a big learning curve, one that expanded my wine knowledge and helped me understand a completely different customer base. You just never stop learning." - Catalina

"You'll grow in responsibility. For example, from sales representative, I moved into a district manager role where I was responsible for five sales representatives. It's a hands-on role, where you learn how to get the best from your team, and how to motivate them to achieve results." - Armando

Phase 2: District Sales Manager
In this stage of sales management and executive training, you'll assume a direct leadership role in planning sales and promotional activity, while motivating a team of 4-8 representatives to effectively achieve results.

Through our on-the-job training, innovative classroom seminars and small group management workshops, you'll be empowered and well positioned for a career in the wine industry.

How far can I go?

"Ours is a fast-paced industry that is extremely challenging and exciting to work in. I also love being able to interact with consumers on a daily basis and hear why they enjoy Gallo products." - James

"Today, I am Area manager for on-premise sales for the states of Arizona and New Mexico. I've always worked in the southern region, and each time I transfer to a new area, it's as if I had been here already—I have 'family' there that's preparing the way for me. You make great connections with people and form mentorships that help you succeed. It's a tremendous group to be a part of." - Catalina

"Today, I am a Senior Account Manager and work with retail chain customers throughout the region. I really enjoy seeing how my work, and how preparing a turn-key program with one of my grocery chains, can help set up the distributor, the stores and Gallo to succeed. To know that what you do has such impact is exciting." - Armando

Phase 3: That’s up to you!
Every MDP path is unique, and the final phase of the program may lead you toward a variety of positions. The most common paths lead to careers in Gallo retail field marketing management, trade development, fine wine and on-premise, or liquor and spirits.

On average, you can expect to be part of the program for three-five years. Though initial training will vary by market, it is quite comprehensive in nature. By the conclusion of our program, you will be well prepared for any challenge that comes your way at Gallo.

EEO: Gallo is an Equal Opportunity Employer EEO/AA M/F/V/D